By March, 350 Million Airplane Seats Will Be Eliminated


I don’t mean that airplanes will literally have their seats removed from the aircraft. I am referring to how many butts will be occupying seats for trips. 

This new data comes straight from aviation analyst firm OAG, which is noting the following changes in worldwide airline activity:

  • Worldwide capacity is currently 50% of what it was in January 2020
  • By March 2021, 350 million seats could be removed from schedules 

Numerous factors are playing into this. We have new mutants of COVID-19 rapidly spreading around the world (although they are not as deadly as the original virus). We have countries panicking and imposing increasingly stricter travel policies that essentially choke airlines and tourism companies to death. 

Add on new testing requirements, the possibility of making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for all travelers, and governments who refuse to provide airlines with any bailout money, and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. 

According to Simple Flying, Southwest Pacific and South Asia are the only two regions in the world where even modest growth is being seen:

South Asia has grown capacity by 1.9%, largely driven by the imminent Chinese New Year. The region is still down 33% from its capacity in January 2020. Southwest Pacific had the biggest growth of any region at 2.5%, although again, overall capacity is down more than 53%.”

Time to fix this hole and plug up the flood before something breaks!

At the End of Q1 2021, a New Digital Health Passport Will Be Launched

After endless months of hearing about digital health passports and the numerous companies working tirelessly to create one, it appears as if we have a tangible launch date for one of them. 

According to TravelPulse, the first entity to get something out in the public will be the International Air Transport Association (IATA): 

“Officials from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) revealed its Travel Pass digital health credential solution should be ready for use by major airlines starting in March.

Travel Pass is a mobile app that helps travelers store and manage verified certifications for coronavirus tests and vaccines, which provides more security and efficiency than paper processes.”

PhocusWire provides more detail about this app, claiming there are four major components to the Travel Pass system:

“First, a registry of health requirements enables passengers to find accurate information on travel, testing and eventually vaccine requirements for their journey.

Second, it has a registry of testing and vaccination centers so passengers can find labs that meet the requirements of the destination government.

Third, IATA and Evernym have built an app that enables testing labs to securely send test results or vaccination certificates to passengers. 

And finally, the system has the consumer-facing app, the IATA Travel Pass app, that travelers use to store a digital version of their passport and test results. Travelers can also share those results with the airline and authorities at the destination.”

I’m curious to know: If the Travel Pass launches were you are right now, will you be comfortable using this for all your flights in the future? Why or why not? Reply to this newsletter and share your thoughts with us!

Some NASTY Future Predictions for COVID-19, According to the CDC…

Meanwhile, while we are still in the middle of the winter season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released some startling projections about the COVID-19 pandemic. The types of numbers that will cause fear-ridden people to line up for vaccinations at a record pace. 

From Forbes:

Up to a further 92,000 Americans are projected to die from COVID-19 in the next three weeks… almost a troubling 25% increase in total deaths from the virus as experts warn things will get worse before they get better.

The national ensemble forecast, an aggregate of a number of independently developed forecasts intended to boost predictive power, projects up to 477,000 total COVID-19 deaths reported across the US by February 6, an increase of over 90,000 in three weeks.

More than 130,000 people are currently hospitalized for COVID-19 related treatment across the US, according to the Covid Tracking Project, although those figures appear to be tapering off. 

Roughly two people died from COVID-19 every minute in the first week of the year and the seven days since the Capitol attack have been the deadliest of the entire pandemic.”

And if you want America’s COVID-19 total since the start of the pandemic: Almost 385,000 deaths and 23 million infections. 

Yeah, we’re not getting out of the pandemic anytime soon. We need a freaking MIRACLE with the COVID-19 vaccines, or some act of divine intervention, if we want the economy to re-open by the time summer rolls around…


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