NOBODY Is Allowed to Enter Japan Anymore!


While other countries are banning the Brits from entering their countries, Japan went ahead and took the travel restrictions several steps further.

This news was reported by Japanese news outlet Nikkei but translated and simplified by ZeroHedge to distill the main takeaways:

Japan’s capital reported a record 949 new cases, with reports saying two more people, in addition to five confirmed on Friday, were found to be infected with the new strain. Since October, Japan has allowed entry by those staying for at least three months on the condition that they quarantine for 14 days.”

“Japanese nationals and foreigners living in Japan will be permitted to return to the country, but now the issuance of all such long-term visas will be suspended. [Japan is now] banning all new entries by non-Japanese nationals through the end of January.”

So unless you are a citizen of Japan, you’re not getting in anytime soon. I would advise cancelling ANY plans to travel to this island-nation until the COVID-19 pandemic is 100% over. Unlike other left-leaning countries who want to be politically correct, Japan does WHATEVER it takes to secure the safety and security of their own citizens. 

And they sure as hell aren’t going to be bothered by accusations of bigotry, racism, or xenophobia. 

But I’m curious to know: What do YOU think about Japan’s outright ban of non-nationals from entering their country? Is it the right move for them to make, or an over-reaction? Reply to this newsletter and share your thoughts with us!

Amazon Is EXPLODING in Growth — So Is Their Advertising Business

One of the reasons Amazon is so wildly successful is because of the numerous avenues through which it is possible for the e-commerce company to make money. 

Just take a look at how their advertisement business is doing, per The Financial Times:

According to FactSet, a financial data company, Amazon’s ‘other’ unit will make $21 billion in revenue in 2020, a 47% jump on last year. Its rapid growth is also helping Amazon to chip away at online advertising’s dominant player, Google.

Amazon offers advertisers data that is irresistible: a closed loop that shows them how effective every dollar they spend is, and more than two decades of insight on the actual buying habits of consumers, rather than just their web-browsing habits.”

Just imagine the value of Amazon’s online real estate: If spending money is all it takes to get your product on the top of their search results (and even their front page) and right in the faces of hungry buyers, you’ll happily give Amazon your entire ad budget if you could. 

And this ad business is growing much faster than their other money-making ventures – Prime subscriptions, cloud computing, retail, and much more. 

If that’s not enough, get this interesting fact from Marketplace Pulse: Just over one in ten clicks on a product will on average result in the customer buying the product!

It’s no wonder Amazon had their first $100 billion quarter to close out 2020. 

MORE COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Approved in 2021…

The conversation around COVID-19 vaccines will not stop at Moderna and Pfizer. Many more pharmaceutical companies want a taste of that sweet “vaccine money” and being late to the game won’t deter their ambitions one bit. 

According to Barron’s, here are the three companies you should keep a close eye on:

“Novavax is launching a 30,000-person trial in the US and Mexico for its vaccine, which could be approved as soon as spring 2021. The Novavax vaccine uses proteins to trigger an immune response after it is injected, as well as a substance derived from Chilean evergreen trees to enhance that response.

Vaccines in development from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson use viral-vector technology, in which a modified virus triggers an immune response. AstraZeneca’s drug [has been] approved in the United Kingdom… and the company has said its vaccine ‘should remain effective’ on the variant first discovered there.”

These vaccines could end up being superior to Pfizer and Moderna across multiple domains: Lower cost of production, more practical storage conditions, better effectiveness in healthy adults and at-risk individuals, and so on. 

More importantly, consumers will have numerous options for choosing the COVID-19 vaccine they best feel will protect them from contracting and transmitting the virus, while also minimizing all possible short-term and long-term side effects. 


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