The Bloody Aftermath of the Capitol Hill Protests – Charges, Arrests, and More!


The videos and social media posts about the chaos on Capitol Hill don’t do enough justice in demonstrating how out-of-hand things got. Now that the damage is done, or at least most of it, The Epoch Times was able to summarize the full extent of the so-called violence:

The top federal prosecutor for the District of Columbia said on Jan. 7 that 55 cases have been charged within 36 hours related mostly to the breach of the US Capitol during the protests in Washington this week.

The federal prosecutor charged roughly 174 cases in Washington criminally during the months-long protests over the death of George Floyd in 2020. By comparison, 55 cases were charged within 36 hours following the breach of the Capitol.”

What’s even funnier is that there are now rumors of ANTIFA directly infiltrating the event, wearing “Make America Great Again” merchandise while fighting with police officers and vandalizing government property. In other words, a false flag operation deliberately designed to make Trump supporters look like insane maniacs. 

But that’s all we know for now. In the coming days, we should expect to hear much more about the full extent of what happened on January 6th from start to finish. 

Looks Like the Stock Market Is “Ridin’ with Biden”!

Seems like the stock market has a special “thing” for Democrats, as we saw some explosive gains during yesterday’s trading session in light of Joe Biden being confirmed by Congress as the 46th President of the United States. 

Here are the most important numbers you need to know about…

  • Dow Jones: +0.7% (closed above 31,000)
  • S&P 500: 1.5% (closed above 3,800)
  • NASDAQ: +2.6% (closed above 13,000)

Now granted, the markets have been increasingly forward-looking in their behavior. Along with Joe Biden being POTUS, the Senate and the House are largely controlled by Democrats. So thanks to the unification of politicians and their interests, it could lead to an awful lot of stimulus money coming to the American people. 

Bleakley Advisory Group’s chief investment officer Peter Boockvar agrees with this sentiment, also chiming in with the following comment: 

“There should be no mystery as to why the markets didn’t care about what happened in the Capital [on Wednesday], however disturbing, disgraceful, and embarrassing it was…  It’s because it has no bearing on the direction of the economy, earnings and interest rates. It’s that simple.”

COVID-19 vaccines, the resolution of political tension… it’s looking like a strong and solid month of trading!

Rich People Can “Skip the Line” for Anything… EVEN COVID-19 Vaccines!

When you’re rich, it seems as if you can do anything you want and get away with it. Sure, you might lose a lot of trust and respect from the general public, but you’re not going to lose your finances or get put away in jail. 

Especially not if you “find a way” to get the COVID-19 vaccine long before frontline healthcare workers and seniors living in long-term care homes. From Forbes:

A former prime minister of Poland has received a COVID-19 vaccination ahead of healthcare workers just as other rich and powerful individuals attempt to buy their way to the front of the vaccine queue.

Leszek Miller, who was prime minister of Poland between 2001 and 2004 and serves as a Member of European Parliament (MEP), tweeted a photo confirming he had received a vaccination against COVID-19.”


Krystyna Janda, a Polish actress, also gloated on Facebook about her COVID-19 jab from the Medical Center of the Medical University of Warsaw, which confirmed in a statement that it had vaccinated several actors, composers and directors ‘who will promote the idea of ​​vaccination against COVID-19 in Poland.’”

Such is the privilege of being wealthy and powerful: You can get whatever you want and whenever you want it for a cost that would be unimaginable to 99% of the world population, and absolutely nobody has to know about it. 

But I’m curious to know… what do YOU think about the rich and the famous getting vaccinated for COVID-19 before everybody else? Should they even be allowed to do this, let alone without suffering any legal consequences? Reply to this newsletter and share your opinions with us!


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